My Addiction *RyoPi*

Hi. Just addicted by Nishikido Ryo, Yamashita Tomohisa, NEWS & Kanjani8. I'll also post about my interest here. Most important, not a single one is mine. Credit to all owners. Arigatou! :)

Because if you ask “What are you doing tomorrow?”
among the six members (of NEWS),
“Let’s have a meal together”

There may be two members who have work,
while some others may not be able to make it.
It’s hard to even gather the six of us.

But the tens of thousands of people here,
when you ask “What are you doing tomorrow?”,
many would answer “Ah, I’m going to NEWS concert”.

I’m really thankful for that.

Most favourite MC corner:
Winter Party Diamond concert (part 2)

23/? gifs of NEWS




ずつと生きてね …

merky which one of your homos is in this

is it yoko

its ryowhore. u tell by his huge ass nose.

Also from the practice one-expression-face: he puts the same face, you tell what emotion he’s feeling.

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ジャニ勉 栗山千明さんが指でお散歩を表現してるのをまねしてる亮ちゃんとヨコ

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